The Faithfulness of God

Infertile… This was the diagnosis that I was given after several years of negative pregnancy tests and one miscarriage. Further investigation would lead doctors to discover I had such a severe case of Endometriosis that one radiologist said he couldn’t even find my ovaries. Surgery was deemed necessary and even after the surgery with all the tissue that remained the doctor told us, “While I’m not God and can’t predict the future, I am 99.9% sure you will never have biological children.” It hit like a ton of bricks, but we knew whatGod had been speaking to us, the dreams He had been giving us for several years about our biological children, along with the people He had placed in our lives speaking truth and life regarding our ability to have children (long before we knew it would ever be a “struggle”). So when the medical world spoke fear and unbelief, we clung to faith and the promises of God.

A month after my surgery we found out we were pregnant only to miscarry a few weeks later. The doctor noted that while getting pregnant was fairly remarkable, he also firmly believed that when and if I did get pregnant again it would always end in a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. Again, we chose to stand on faith when our circumstances were telling us to believe otherwise. Roughly three months later we had a positive pregnancy test. At six-weeks I was scheduled for an appointment because I was deemed “high risk”. The doctor performed an ultrasound and his jaw about hit the floor. Not only did he show us a very healthy baby growing inside my womb, but he said that there was absolutely no scar tissue or any other tissue for that matter… I had what looked to be a perfectly healthy and normal womb. Thank you Jesus!

Nine months later our son was born. The Lord’s promises fulfilled and His healing power on display for all to see. At our postpartum check-up the doctor, while thrilled, told us to brace for the endometriosis to return and to consider our son the one and only pregnancy I would ever have. Eight months later we found out I was pregnant with our second child. I carried the pregnancy full-term and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Another promise fulfilled. Faith trumping fear. Belief trumping unbelief. The word of God trumping the words of man.

My doctor proceeded to tell me that after delivering my two children and walking through this journey with us, our story was the one he tells women who come into his office dealing with infertility and endometriosis. Glory to God!

I recently went in for a routine ultrasound and check-up, and the doctor noted that my womb looked completely normal. Four and a half years later and the endometriosis has never returned.

Be encouraged that whatever you may be facing, whatever your circumstances around you are saying, the Lord has the final word, He is faithful, He is healer, His promises are true and He will complete the work that He started!

About the author:

Originally from the mountains of Western Montana, Amanda Hartzell is a wife and mother of 2 miracle children now living in Middle Tennessee. She is a full time momma and loves to write, create, and host dinner parties. Amanda and her husband lead worship and minister to the Body of Christ in the buckle of the Bible Belt. She loves to travel and share testimonies of the faithfulness of God. Amanda is the founder of the blog